How to extend the lifetime of your industrial vacuum cleaner : filter cleaning system


Delfin is always looking for new innovative solutions to improve the quality, efficiency and reliability of our products. One of the main elements that can guarantee a significant products increase in lifetime of the products is the proper maintenance of the vacuum cleaner’s filtration system.

In fact, only a vacuum cleaner with a clean filter can suck materials at 100% of its power in the safest way possible. To guarantee performance and safety, filters have to be cleaned every time before and after prolonged operations. This is the reason why it’s mandatory for a vacuum cleaner to be equipped with a filter cleaning system:
  • keep the maximum suction performances
  • garantee total safety to the operator
  • reduce costs of maintenance and inefficiencies.
To simplify the maintenance of the machine and to extend the lifetime of the filter, Delfin developed 3 kinds of cleaning systems:
  • manual systems,
  • semi automatic systems,
  • automatic systems

Manual cleaning systems: the filter shaker

The filter shaker is the simplest cleaning system that our industrial vacuum cleaners can equip.

How to use it?
Thanks to a lever placed on the filter’s chamber. It is easy to effortless shake the filter using the operator’s weight. This simple operation allows to distach the trapped powders and to let them fall down into the collection unit.

For which applications is it recommended?
For cleaning tasks and discontinuous applications with dust, cement powder, metal dust, particles, food industry powders, chemicals, wood powder, packaging and paper dusts, textile fibers.

Semi-automatic system: DUSTOP and SELF CLEAN

The DUSTOP system is an innovative filter cleaning system using pressure differential to distach the powders. The DUSTOP system allows the operator to clean the filter with great efficiency in two easy steps.

How to use it?
The operator needs to turn on the vacuum cleaner directly with the cap or with a special guillotine. The operator opens 3/4 times in rapid succession the flap placed on the chamber and thanks to the incoming air and to the pressure differential, the powder will be easily detached.

For which applications is it recommended?
Light or medium tasks, dealing with construction powders, surface treatment, food industry powder.

The SELF CLEAN system consists in a manual pneumatic valve, which activates the shaking movement that allows an easy and effective cleaning of the filter. The SELF CLEAN system is an independent system with no need of external supply and guarantees total security in Atex areas.

How to use it?
Thanks to the pneumatic cylinder, the star filter is shaked by means of a manual pneumatic valve. Every time the industrial vacuum is down with its service, the operator has to move the lever to power it on.

For which applications is it recommended?
Cement powder, metal dust, power plants (carbon dust).


Automatic systems: AUT and PN

The automatic cleaning systems require no action by the operator. The timer starts at regular intervals, allowing the continuous and efficient working of the machine without loss of performance or without stopping the machine.
The frequency and length of this system can be adjusted by means of a timer placed inside the electrical panel.
These systems are highly recommended dealing with large quantities of dusts and powders.

For which applications are they recommended?
Cement powder, metal dust, power plants (carbon dust).

AUT is for AUTOMATIC cleaning system

A pneumatic cylinder periodically shakes the star filter by a vertical shaking movement which causes the detachment of dusts and wastes from the filter.



PN is for PNEUMATIC cleaning system

This system cleans the cartridge filters installed on the industrial vacuums. It works thanks to a reverse pulse jet release on 4 cartridges. One by one, the reverse pulse jet will clean the cartridges to allow the machine to continue to suck without stop working. A timer triggers the system that blows a jet of air at 6 bar within each cartridge. The air from the inside detaches the particles of dust, which were held on the surface of the filter by pressing on the filter.

It can be loaded by an external compressor or supplied by an on board compressor.

For which applications?
Cement powder, metal dust, power plants (carbon dust).

The system has to be adapted to the material you need to suck and to the specific application, making more efficient the suction and the work of the operators

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